Aviation Fuel

Aviation Fuel
Inside KEAR Civil Corporation's Office

Industry-Leading Aviation Fueling System Contractor

For over 20 years KEAR has been providing fueling system construction and maintenance services to our nation's largest commercial airports and military bases. KEAR maintains the self-performance capabilities to upgrade, expand and maintain every aspect of an aviation fueling storage and distribution system.

KEAR Corp: We Build Fuel

Tank Farm Construction

Fuel Tank Farm Construction Contractor

KEAR provides a wide range of tank farm construction and maintenance services through both standard design-bid-build and design-build project delivery methods. We have developed project-proven relationships with leading fuel system engineering firms, enabling KEAR to provide turn-key design-build fueling system projects. The increase in environmental regulatory compliance requirements means municipal, regional, and private airports must modify or construct fuel farms that meet or exceed those requirements. KEAR specializes in approaching each project with a best-value mindset- from design, permitting, construction, and system commissioning.

Examples of our tank farm construction services include:

  • Tank Farm Modification, Construction & Testing
  • Existing Fuel System Demolition & Abandonment
  • System Flushing, Testing & Commissioning
  • Petroleum Impacted Soil Sampling and Remediation
  • Emergency Repairs & Response Services
  • Cathodic Protection System Installation
  • Design Build & CMAR Program Management
  • Petroleum Impacted Soil Sampling and Remediation
  • Emergency Repairs

Hydrant Fuel Construction

Hydrant Fuel Construction Contractor

KEAR has been responsible for constructing and commissioning hydrant fueling systems at some of the largest commercial airports and military installations in the United States. Our experience ranges from hydrant pit relocations to full-blown new hydrant fuel systems for airport expansion projects. Since our incorporation, KEAR has installed hundreds of hydrant fuel pits and commissioned major systems responsible for fueling some of the largest aircraft currently in service. We maintain the corporate qualifications, personnel resources, and quality control program necessary to deliver these specialized projects by following the strict regulatory constraints.

Examples of major hydrant fuel system services KEAR provides include:

  • Hydrant Fuel System Modification, Construction & Testing
  • Hydrant Fuel Pit Relocations & Installations for Parking Reconfigurations and Boarding Bridge Installations
  • Hydrant Fuel Pit Repairs
  • Pipeline Integrity Testing & Repairs
  • Isolation Valve Vault Construction
  • Fuel System Flushing, Testing & Commissioning
  • Cathodic Protection System Installation
  • Aviation Surface Demolition, Repair and Replacement
  • Passenger Boarding Bridge Foundations & Related Airside Civil Scopes
  • Existing system isolation, demolition or abandonment
  • Design Build & CMAR Program Management
  • Petroleum Impacted Soil Sampling and Remediation
  • Emergency Repairs

What They Say

"From the top down, it was clear KEAR hires and retains true professionals. The mechanical work, from piping and hydrant pit placement, through final testing and commissioning went very smooth with some phases completed ahead of schedule, despite weather delays. I was personally impressed and would recommend or work with KEAR on future projects."

William E. Koff Jr - Liquid Fuels Foreman
Barksdale Air Force Base
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