Water/ Wastewater

Inside KEAR Civil Corporation's Office

Water/Wastewater Construction Services

KEAR Civil Corporation provides new construction, maintenance, and facility expansion services for water, wastewater and  manufacturing facilities. KEAR’s services range from basic plant maintenance and equipment replacement to ground-up new facility construction.

Quality Control & Increased Productivity

KEAR’s ability to self perform a number of trades allows for direct quality control and increased productivity. KEAR understands the challenges and coordination required to work in existing operational facilities. Our value-engineering approach to every project enables clients to achieve budget and schedule goals, while providing the end  user with a quality finished product.

Water and Wastewater Processing

Specific Water/Wastewater Services We Provide

  • Excavation, sub-grade preparation, backfill and finish grading
  • Process piping modifications, installation, and testing
  • Structural Concrete
  • Process equipment replacement, installation, startup and commissioning
  • Bypass pumping and special plant flow modification work
  • Material Import/Export

What They Say

"KEAR is a very professional operation and the knowledge of their employees contributed to the excellence in the construction of the project."

Dennis White - Chief Inspector
City of Mesa
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