Our Culture

Inside KEAR Civil Corporation's Office

Success & Satisfaction

KEAR Corp leadership team

We will continually seek ways to achieve greater safety, productivity, consistency of quality and improved communications. In this way, KEAR will always work to Exceed Expectations for both our clients and our employees.

Our People

KEAR Corp leadership team

Our people are a priority at KEAR, and we believe that all people should be treated fairly, honestly, and respectfully. We foster a team experience where new ideas are encouraged, our employees are empowered, and clients are satisfied.

Growth Opportunities

KEAR Corp leadership team

We care for the well-being of our people and help them grow in their ability to be successful. KEAR believes that the growth of the individual helps to grow the whole team. By providing Lunch & Learns, Safety Talks, Training, Guest Speakers and Tuition Reimbursement on Continuing Education for our employees, KEAR continues to build a stronger organization for future employees.

Safety as Culture

KEAR Corp leadership team

KEAR will never comprise the safety of our people, our clients, or the public. Our employees are trained to identify and correct unsafe work practices immediately through safety training, and safety-first attitude.

Giving Back Together

KEAR Corp leadership team

We believe that making a lasting difference together in the places we live, and work is important to fulfilling our mission. We give back by volunteering our services, supplies, time, and donations. Feel free to see browse the organizations we support below.

Connecting to Life

KEAR Corp leadership team

We strive to foster social connection through team building activities, retreats, and celebrating our wins.

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