Project Owner

Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority

Project Location

Nashville International Airport, TN

Project Delivery Method


Project Details

As the design-build prime contractor, KEAR has been contracted to complete the design and installation of fuel hydrant relocations for new passenger boarding bridge layouts on A, B & C Concourses at Nashville International Airport. The existing passenger boarding bridges are original to the construction of the terminal building and have exceeded their useful life and are being replaced. Consequently, associated fuel hydrants will have to be relocated based on the proposed layouts for the new Passenger Boarding Bridges. The locations of the relocated fuel hydrants need to be in an area where the operation is most efficient and safe for the fueling operation. As the design-builder KEAR is executing all design phase services including permitting, phasing planning, site survey, budgeting and preparation of construction documents based on the design criteria. The construction phase of the project includes the installation of 31 new fuel hydrant pits on A, B & C Concourses, associated lateral piping, new Double Block & Bleed valves at several locations inside of existing vaults and the complete flushing, and testing of all installed components. KEAR is coordinating all aspects of the design and construction phases of this project to maintain fuel system operations at all times without operational impacts.