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Inside KEAR Civil Corporation's Office
Aviation Fueling Projects

Aviation Fueling

KEAR is a trusted and proven partner in the aviation fueling system construction market. We have partnered with airlines, municipalities, FBO's, Government Agencies and Private Owners to perform our services at some of the largest airports and military bases in the country. Constructing, modifying and upgrading critical fueling infrastructure is what we do.

Water & Wastewater Projects

Water & Wastewater

KEAR Civil Corporation provides new construction, maintenance, and facility expansion services for water, wastewater and manufacturing facilities. KEAR’s services range from basic plant maintenance and equipment replacement to ground-up new facility construction.

What They Say

“The City’s General Contractor has achieved significant construction benchmarks in the delivery of the project. They installed, to date, four blocks of roadway improvements and ten blocks of utility improvements, all while encountering and excavating a massive amount of rock!”

Eli Reisner - Capital Improvement Project Manager
City of Flagstaff
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