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Inside KEAR Civil Corporation's Office

The KEAR Culture

KEAR was founded on a business model of finding the best and brightest talent and empowering them to expand personally and professionally while always seeking ways to improve operations. KEAR's employees continue to embody that culture today while continually focusing on client satisfaction.

KEAR Corp leadership team


Our steady growth over the past two decades can be attributed to our long-lasting client relationships, talented team, and operational leadership.

KEAR Corp's outstanding safety record


KEAR's outstanding safety record is a direct result of our Zero Accidents and Zero Injuries' health and safety culture. At KEAR, safety is not a goal. It's an uncompromising requirement. We believe that a safe and healthy work environment is the key to operational excellence.

Community & Charity

Community / Charity

KEAR believes in bringing positive & measurable change to the communities in which we operate. We are committed to making our local communities a better place to work and live.

Employment opportunities with KEAR


From recent graduates to seasoned professionals, KEAR offers opportunities for industry professionals at all career stages. At KEAR we develop and retain the best talent in the industry.


Candice Decker

Office Manager
“We have grown over the years and have shaped ourselves into a fun strong company that aims to not only be successful but also strives to keep our employees healthy with work-life balance importance. Whether we are grilling lunch on our patio together or sitting in a conference room crunching numbers together we enjoy the culture we have built. The fact that many of our employees have been with KEAR for 10+ years, tells you a lot about our culture, leadership and company.”
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